The board contoured like human body features 360 degree board rotation making it easier and faster to iron.
Simply fit a shirts over the torso-shaped board, after one side turn it over then the other side is ready.
Dazzl present totally new ironing concept.
This ergonomically designed system board features detachable detail board which insert into a shirt sleeve, pants
and collars for perfect finish.
The patented automatic lock and unlock switching height adjustments system presents the most easiest way
of operation. Just pull up and down for your height without anything for user to switch.
This is worldĄŻs first patented mechanism being presented only with Dazzl <Patent pending>
This ergonomically designed system board features special pants clip for keeping easy pant crease,
360 rotate safe iron pocket for left and right handed, zipper type removable board over and hanger for clothing
after ironing