Ironing is tiresome duties in our life but the ironing board category has not been changed till now.
That is the reason we moved forward to make better ironing board.
  We reached the conclusion that board top need to be shaped like human torso for fast and easy ironing
as well as board stand should be more user oriented design. It was simple thought but it require us countless
effort and long way to go. After two years of development, finally the first product came out in the market and
fortunately weve been enjoying good reputation from clients and users.
  We are proud that can be able to make these revolutionary creation in the world
but still find long way more to go for perfect one that can be loved by everybody. We promise that will never cease
our effort until reaches the goal, enjoyable ironing for everybody at home brought by DAZZL ironing board.
  2003   Found Dazzl co.,ltd for development of both sided ironing board
  2005   Finish first product development and set up factory
  First product launched through TV home shopping, CJ home shopping in Korea
  2006   First shipment to China
  First shipment to USA- QVC home shopping
  First shipment to Japan- QVC Japan
  2007   Win 2007 DESIGN DEFINED HONOREE at Housewares show in Chicago
  Obtain US patent for Both sided ironing board mechanism.
  Establish partnership agreement with HPI,US based leading company of home products
   category in North America.
  2008   First shipment to Spain, Iran, Taiwan
  Start third version development in cooperation with HPI
  2009   Second version developed by HPI launched in USA market- HSN home shopping
  New patent application and PCT for new height adjustment mechanism
   and automatic board lock mechanism.
  2010   Finish third generation of Dazzl board and set up a production line for model
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